Quality Siding in Houston

New Roof Houston, LLC is committed to providing quality siding to customers in Houston.

Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your home, perform repairs or increase its resale value, our team can find the right solution for your needs and budget.

Two very important components of a roof system are fascia trim and soffit panels. The fascia trim runs along the roof eaves, securing the edges of your roof. They also hold the gutters in place and play an important role in preventing moisture from damaging the roof decking and shingles. Soffit vents play a crucial role in attic ventilation by allowing fresh air to enter. They're located at the underside of the roof edges to control air flow. They maintain the temperature in your attic by providing cool air replace the stale, hot air from warmer areas like your kitchen and bathroom.

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We install high quality fiber cement siding to homeowners in Houston.

Fiber cement is a composite material made from cement, sand and cellulose fibers. This material forms a very strong, durable finished product that works perfectly as a home siding material.

Advantages to using fiber cement siding:
  • Moisture Resistant - Fiber cement siding is not porous and won't absorb moisture which prevents rotting and mold and mildew growth.
  • Durable - Most fiber cement siding comes with a 50-year manufacturer, material warranty.
  • Non-combustible - Fiber cement siding is fire-resistant.
  • Termite resistant - Though made with wood fibers, the manufacturing process makes fiber cement siding inedible to termites.